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We like touching people, not just plugging you in to some expensive bit of equipment
21st Jul


Living in an age where we are constantly on computers, mobiles and laptops it is no surprise that lots of people suffer with aches and pains in their necks and backs. These poor postures that are adopted while working on computers and laptops can lead to postural changes that alter the biomechanics of our bodies, the amount of force through various joints, change in muscle tone and length as well as strain on our nerves. All this can lead to constant pain that affects our everyday lives.

Using physiotherapy to help combat these issues can be challenging. However, this is where the importance of ‘hands on’ treatment and ‘exercise therapy’ work well together to help reduce the symptoms. All too often I hear of people having physiotherapy which involves just the giving of exercises only. For this to work it needs extremely high patient compliance and can be argued it is not making the best use of valuable treatment time.

At Bowden Physio we work on a model that has been tried and tested over the years and is successful at reducing patient’s symptoms. In a nutshell we would provide hands on treatment consisting of deep tissue massage (to reduce muscle tension and the excessive pull on joints), dry needling (for pain relief and also reducing muscle tension), joint mobilisations (to reduce joint stiffness) and if necessary kineseo-taping (for postural alignment and muscle memory).

Following hands on treatment, time is taken to go through a few exercises that can help maintain the improvements gained from the treatment session. This may involve strengthening weak muscles and stretching tight muscles in an aim to correct the biomechanical forces of the particular joint or area of the body. Finally this coupled with ergonomic advice on how to set up your desk top/workspace properly will help prevent re-occurring symptoms.

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